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Apps that will help you in your vacation.

Vacation is a part of everyone’s yearly activity. Travellers nowadays rely on their smartphones for planning and other logistics regarding their vacation. For this, many apps have been developed. Here are the ones I would always recommend; TripAdvisor This is my number one pick. It includes people’s reviews on hotels, places they visited, the services they got and the activities they took part in. The reviews can be too positive, average or negative. However, I…

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Do you enjoy camping? then try these places while in Kenya

Kenya has private as well as public campsites, the location of the camps are possible around the country. However, the nation does not have numerous camping grounds; hence, the traveler needs to know it takes a bit of planning. The campgrounds are of two types. Firstly, the park encampment which mainly has only basic facilities such as showers along with a long-drop toilet. Secondly, the private campsites that mostly have good facilities; for instance, flush…

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What do you know about traffic rules?

Are traffic rules in different countries the same? The answer is NO, different countries have different traffic rules let’s look at some examples Traffic rules in China: China is well known for business and a country of the invention which is more advanced in science and technology some of the things that Chinese invented was a paper, the magnetic compass, printing, silk, gunpowder among others. It has the largest population, the oldest government and immense…

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