Do you enjoy camping? then try these places while in Kenya

Do you enjoy camping? then try these places while in Kenya

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Kenya has private as well as public campsites, the location of the camps are possible around the country. However, the nation does not have numerous camping grounds; hence, the traveler needs to know it takes a bit of planning. The campgrounds are of two types. Firstly, the park encampment which mainly has only basic facilities such as showers along with a long-drop toilet. Secondly, the private campsites that mostly have good facilities; for instance, flush toilets and hot shower. The camping grounds are usually in shaded locations, have an eatery together with a variety of activities. Moreover, a globetrotter can get enlightened on the camping gear and great camping destinations in Kenya.

Camping Gear

A tourer should consider acquiring these camping gear to facilitate good camping. The list comprises of:

· cutting board

· rooftop or dome tent

· chairs and table

· folding foam mattresses

· BBQ roaster

· cooking pots

· plates and cups

· cutlery set

· solar table lamp

· bedsheets, pillows and sleeping bags

Campsites all over Kenya

Camping at Lake Oloiden

The camping ground is known as among the best camping sites in Naivasha because it is located away from the city. The cost of the camping experience is more compared to other sites due to its location being next to a lake leading to an indisputable sense of freedom. Moreover, the encampment has these amenities: free parking, hot showers, firewood available on request, restaurant and bars. 

Fish Eagle Inn

The location of this destination is 90kms from Nairobi at the south coast of Lake Naivasha. Fish Eagle Inn is an affordable weekend getaway offering camping facilities as well as luxurious cottages. The place has manicured gardens and rooms with rustic feel and globetrotters can experience tent pitches to detached cottages on the lake. Moreover, Fish Eagle Inn is located at expansive grounds that allow trippers to enjoy outdoor games such as volleyball, swimming along with basketball; and boat rides. The children facilities are bouncing castles, swings and see-saws.

Rapids Camp, Sagana

Rapids camp was initiated in 2006 and has worked jointly with other tourism partners to give customers the best possible service. The camping ground is located right by the river, the tourers can pitch a camping tent, relax as well as get involved in fun activities; for instance, canoeing, water rafting and kayaking. 

Kiboko Camp

Kiboko Camp is located 100km from Malindi, it is located next to a river in the Tsavo National Park. The campground is made up of two lodge rooms along with twelve tents which is ideal for tourists who want a countryside experience but do not want to go too far from the beach. Not to mention, the 12 tented camping site has a fully stocked bar as well as kitchen, and a breathtaking overview of a fast-flowing river that allows globetrotters to see different wild animals. Furthermore, some of the facilities are parking together with restaurant on-the premises.

Mount Ololokwe (Ol Donyo Sabache)

The camping ground is located on Namunyak Conservancy in Samburu East and approximately 340km from Nairobi through Nanyuki and Isiolo. It is a 2000-metre flat-topped mountain with sheer cliffs; thus, offering a spectacular view for hundreds of miles across the Samburu region. Additionally, travellers usually take two to three hours to hike to the top where they find plateau which is a captivating place to spend the night. Ol Donyo Sabache mainly attracts trippers who like the rock climbing and hiking adventures off the beaten track. Finally, some tips for climbing mount Ololokwe; carry plenty of water and a good layer of sunburn, do not carry too many items which one can carry or a donkey can transport; and carry light dresses for daytime as well as warm clothes for the night.

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