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Panjene was started in the year 2019 to awaken the experiences that most people encounter when they decide to travel. Not all travelling are meant for adventure, of course to experience real fun is the common one but also there are other reasons for travelling which includes;

Relaxation, some people travel to have a peaceful time on their own or with their loved ones, this can be as a result of some external pressure from the world. For instance, a family who have recently lost their loved ones after the burial they can decide to take off to a new place which is going to make them relax and try to forget for a while all the sad moments that they have been facing for the last few days. 

Another reason could  be for business purposes, this days business are conducted from different continents, a lot of people travel miles away just to buy some products that they can later go back and resell them in their own country, common countries where people travel for business include China, Italy, Germany, Japan etc. In the same line of business, some other businessmen travel for research purposes with an intention of finding out  how they can venture their  business into other countries, this may take them a longer stay because they need to do better market research if they are inline with his market strategies.

Another reason could be to experience different cultures, You will be surprised to see how different your culture is compared to other countries. It can even shock you, we call that culture shock. Some people are really into finding the cultural differences, maybe they want to write stories about those cultures especially the writers and that can make them travel miles away just to have a taste of those cultures in order to well illustrate the same into their books.

Another one is for  adventure and have fun, this is the most interesting part especially for the young generation who have a lot of energy. It can also be meant for the older generation who have achieved so much in their lives and all they want now is to have fun and enjoy the remaining part of their life.

Our main focus at Panjene is to see how travelling can be used to for different experiences for different people, did we also mention that some people would like to know the history of most countries or also to learn how law enforcement is different from theirs.

We are actually trying to touch on all this different topics, we might also surprise you with other new subjects.


Fun and adventure – this is our main focus, we do it because we love doing it, we also experience fun when we put all this information for you because we want your choice of destinations to be fun, our information guide will ensure that you make the right choices of destination.

Value Relationship – The relationship starts from within our team and we extend the same to our audience, the target consumer of our information interest comes first and through our blog articles we provide relevant information that will be sufficient to serve you better, we also expect to read more of your reviews so that we can also include more information based on your requests.

Experience – At panjene, we have a lifetime of experience and we are determined to use the information that we have to showcase our authentic expertise, our information is based on well-researched facts which have a uniqueness in every topic we discuss

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