Apps that will help you in your vacation.

Apps that will help you in your vacation.

August 29, 2019 0 By admin

Vacation is a part of everyone’s yearly activity. Travellers nowadays rely on their smartphones for planning and other logistics regarding their vacation. For this, many apps have been developed. Here are the ones I would always recommend;


This is my number one pick. It includes people’s reviews on hotels, places they visited, the services they got and the activities they took part in. The reviews can be too positive, average or negative. However, I would advise users not to put too much trust in the positive reviews. What one person sees as their best could be overly overrated. The best pick would be to look at the average reviews. These usually have the truth.


This works almost like Google Flights. It helps in finding the most affordable and best option available for flights, rental cars, and hotels. It lets you explore the top deals from nearby airports and suggestions of destinations. It also helps you compare prices.


This is important. In case you live under a rock, Uber is a taxi app, that helps you request for a cab by defining your location and your desired destination. It simplifies the entire process of waiting for yellow cabs to pass by, and you waving them down to stop.

Google Translate

If you are travelling to a country whereby the language in use is foreign to you, Google Translate will be very helpful for you. It will enable your communication with the inhabitants, making your stay a lot easier.


This app enables you to see the price of flights in a well-arranged calendar view. It has an option for setting alerts, that notify you when there is a change in prices. Since it uses a calendar view, you can easily create a plan for when to travel, as you can see when prices fall.


Do you want to stay in a hotel? No? Alright, this is the best app for you. You can book unique homes in up to a hundred and ninety countries. It offers cheaper housing as compared to using hotels. It allows you to connect with the locals as you live in their homes. It gives you suggestions on experiences to choose from during your stay.


This app organizes a list of all restaurants around you, their menu, the price range and reviews from different people, about the restaurants. It helps also in meal planning and budgeting. 

Google Maps

Well, of course, this is a staple. How will you navigate through your way through a new city? This app offers directions for car users, bicycle users, foot, cab or even users on foot. It will make your exploration easier. It is a great app as it tells you when a specific route has traffic congestion, and advice you on the best route to take.


This app is for your finances. It helps in planning and budgeting for your trips, all around the world. It is a very good tool for full-time travellers.


This app brings the world to you in pictures. Travellers post their pictures, which are usually geo-tagged. This allows you to see the location from which the picture was taken. From this location, other users who find the location interesting can go ahead and find the place on their own. 


This is a bonus app that will help you split costs with your friends. When you have travelled with friends, you can share costs for everything you share, like meals at a restaurant. It keeps track of who owes who and can be cleared by a simple PayPal transfer.

In conclusion, these are not the only available apps available to assist you in your travelling journey. There are many you can make use of. They help keep track of your activities and generally keeping you right on track. 

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