Why Many Tourists Like to Visit Malindi

Why Many Tourists Like to Visit Malindi

June 10, 2020 0 By admin

Malindi is one of the leading coastal tourist towns in Kenya, with a variety of attractive beautiful things that people go explore. It is located 120 km Northeast of the town of Mombasa city. The ‘little Italy’ as it is called by many as the ideal destination for holiday including beaches, marine parks, and seven-star hotels, resorts among other fascinating natural sites.

To begin with, Malindi is a north Indian climate with a temperature range of between 76-82 degrees which implies cold winter and hot summer.

The weather is friendly from April up to October providing a long chance for tourists to go and get lost in the coastal region. Although during the months of April to July, Malindi receives long rains, the weather is friendly enough to do fun activities.

One of the major reasons why tourists consider visiting Malindi is because it provides one of the best relaxing hotels with spas full of therapy and delicious meals and much more. Besides, some are located near beaches to enable tourists to enjoy in one place.

Also, other tourists like the sandy beaches that have pristine environments for sea and fun activities such as water-skiing, diving, deep-sea fishing, and surfing. Both foreign and local tourists prefer this region because they are seeking pleasure and enjoying nature.

Moreover, Malindi has amazing places that a person can visit in a lifetime and include such as Marine National Park, Vasco da Gama Pillar, Watamu turtle watch, the snake farm with over 200 species, and whale Island.

Another key factor that makes Malindi a perfect destination for tourism is the friendly rich culture of the Swahili people. It all started from its beginning in the 14th century when the Sultan of Malindi invited Chinese sailors to explore the region and gifted them a giraffe. As a result the other residents adopted the hospitable nature of their leader and up to date the region attracts tourists from all the corners of the world.

Also, other tourists like the sandy beaches that have pristine environments

 for fun activities such as water-skiing, diving, deep-sea fishing and surfing.

Additionally, the stunning beaches in Malindi have crystal clear waters thus making them effective to look for dolphins. There are a variety of beaches with state of art amenities that enhance surfing and without mentioning diving. Most of the beaches contain boardwalks where tourists play arcade games, walk around the sand as well as riding roller coasters. Other people like playing Frisbee while having a picnic around the beach as they look for seashells, colored glass and shoot beautiful photos to keep the memories.

Furthermore Malindi resorts provide exclusive night experience during partying. The nightlife in Malindi is vibrant with almost every hotel having a live performance band and modern dances to entertain local and international tourists while taking fresh seafood. Above all you do not need to worry because the county government of Kilifi ensures the security is tight.

Also, many tourists do not leave Malind before visiting the Kipepeo project. ‘Kipepeo’ is a Swahili word that means a butterfly. This place features beautiful butterflies, months, pupae and other related insects. Moreover, it is one of the few places where they sell natural honey and silk clothes that are made by Mijikenda.  In conclusion, Malindi is one of the most beloved coastal towns in Kenya due to its outstanding recreational facilities and beautiful scenery. There are many beaches where tourists can relax, dine and party. The transport is effective since most of the roads are tarmacked not to mention the flights that land at Malindi Airport.

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