Visit the best hotels in kenya

September 12, 2019
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Visit the best hotels in kenya

Kenya is globally recognized as a tourist destination because it has numerous precious features and diversity in wonderful wildlife in places such as Tsavo National Park, Maasai Mara among others. Not to mention, the nation has some of the best game reserves where travellers can see wildebeest, buffalo, zebras, leopards, lions, giraffes among others. Therefore, for the local as well as the foreign trippers there is the need for a hotel where they can get accommodation. The best hotels in Kenya for lodging purposes are in these categories are budget hotels, boutique hotels along with luxury hotels. Moreover, the hotel rooms are comfortable, spotlessly clean, enough toiletries together with friendly staff. The following is a list of the best hotels in Kenya. 

Villa Rosa Kempinski

Villa Rosa Kempinski is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Nairobi providing a perfect blending of European luxury as well as Kenyan hospitality. The hotel has a water fountain falls in the ground as well as classical music that is played inside the restaurant. The facility has 200 rooms as well as suites in its ten floor-story building. Villa Rosa Kempinski has elegant dining opportunities such as K Lounge and Café Villa Rosa. Also, restaurant Tambourin, Levant-style longe, Chinese Restaurant 88, Balcony Bar, Kempinski The Spa and grand ballroom.

Watamu Treehouse

Watamu Treehouse is in Kenya’s Watamu Beach at the opposite of the Coral Gardens of the Marine Park. In the surroundings, there are no huge hotels but there are private residences. Not to mention, the restaurant is built high amongst the treetops which provide a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean coastline as well as lush surrounding forests. Watamu Treehouse has four double bedrooms and a star-bed on the roof. The treehouse is designed to enable eight travellers to sleep but can comfortably house ten to twelve individuals. The globetrotters can bring their desire for the Watamu Treehouse cooks to prepare but trippers it is not compulsory. Fortunately, to make the tourist stay more comfortable, they can request for daily deliveries of fresh seafood as well as anything else from the local supermarket with the assistance of Watamu Treehouse’s staff. Additionally, the kitchen is usually equipped with a deep freezer, utensils, oven, cooker, and fridge; hence, it can also act as a family home.

Saruni Samburu Lodge

Saruni Samburu Lodge is a small facility situated 7 km from the Samburu National Reserve on a rock in a private reserve. At the lodge, tourists can see plains with water places where various animals drink as well as view mountains in the distance. Also, at the top of the rock is a swimming pool with extensive views as well as a spa where travellers can select different messages along with beauty treatments. Fortunately, the lodge has an airstrip, but trippers can also use the airstrip in the Samburu National Reserve. At the lodge, globetrotters can see cheetahs, leopards, lions, zebra, lions, giraffes, elephants among others. Finally, at Saruni Samburu Lodge there is a gift shop which stocks original and locally made items.

Fairmount Mount Kenya Safari Club

Fairmount Mount Kenya Safari Club is in Nanyuki 24 km from the Mount Kenya National Park. The facility provides tennis court, guest restaurant, and outdoor swimming pool and a 24-hour front desk. Additionally, the holiday destination has 120 luxurious hotel rooms and each hotel unit is equipped with a flat-screen television with satellite channels. The rooms have private bathrooms fitted with a hairdryer. Fairmount provides these facilities cycling, 5-star hotel, children’s playground, and a buffet breakfast served every morning.

Kenya has luxurious hotels that offer a world-class experience to the tourists. The restaurants are in different parts of the country; thus, trippers can have hospitality service at their convenience.

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