Travelling During Covid-19

Travelling During Covid-19

May 29, 2020 0 By admin

We have all been dealt a major blow by the coronavirus in 2020. All plans have somewhat been put to a halt as the entire world struggles with this virus. The travel and tourism world has not been left behind. In fact, with the quarantine and self-isolation and many countries shutting their borders, tourism has been dealt a major blow. But we have gone through a rigorous thought process to see how we can change still feed out traveling and touring instincts while still observing social distance and helping our medics to help manage this pandemic! A quick shout out to all the medics out there doing wonderful work in helping to curb this menace.

So, how can you feed your travel desires this season?

  1. AR and VR

Augmented and Virtual Reality could never be a more perfect technology to use than a time such as this. This brilliant technologies allow you to put on the AR and VR headsets and take yourself to the best places you wish to visit in the world. If is it the sandy beaches of Hawaii, the national parks of Nairobi, or Central Park in New York, you simply need to get these glasses and switch them to adjust to your desired destination. Thank God for technology.

  • Travel blogs and vlogs

We all have our favorite bloggers who made us love traveling even more. Right now, though they are also not traveling, they have blogs and vlogs up reminiscing on the good, old times. Following these blogs will keep you abreast with all the beautiful places you still have to visit after Coronavirus has been deal with. All you need is a good streaming platform such as Youtube and good internet connectivity and you can start revisiting all the places you have gone to, with the beautiful company of similarly enthusiastic travelers.

  • Travel Documentaries and movies

There are lots of movies, shows, and documentaries of travel on platforms such as Netflix and Disney+. These are a good way to catch up on how the travel world is, has been, and will be in the near future. Films are an immersive experience and therefore getting to watch quite a number of these shows will quench the deep desire in you to travel.

  • Personal experiences

Of course, nothing beats reminiscing on your old travel experience. Go through video recordings and pictures of your previous travels. You can then make a collage and share it with friends and family so you can all get as immersed as you were during your last travel. This will make you appreciate the travel experiences you previously had and look forward to traveling post corona.

  • Get professional

There are tones of awesome online content on travel, tourism, and how to monetize your hobby. Some of these courses are even free. Grab one of these and train on them while you are still free. Explore these online courses and see how much more you will enjoy your traveling when you have extra knowledge.

  • Read travel books

There are lots of novels, journals, and magazines on travel. This is the best time to catch up on each one of them. There is lots of free time and there are even a lot of online subscriptions for travel magazines and books. Immersing yourself in literature as well is also a very good way to feed your travel desire at such a time as this.

It shall come to an end! We shall overcome. No matter how much damage the Coronavirus causes, we can be sure that it will eventually be managed and we will in the long run go back to feeding our deepest desire: travel!

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