Travel Packages: To use or not to use?

May 29, 2020
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Travel Packages: To use or not to use?

Travel Companies have for a long time been at the core of taking people around the world getting them to their favorite destinations. There has, however, been a little controversy surrounding just how good they are and how useful they are in helping people achieve their traveling desires. Today, we have a look at the advantages of traveling with a company that offers you travel packages, compare them with the disadvantages and help you weigh your decision on your next travel. May 2020 may not be an ideal travel season, but I hope that at your time of reading this, the Coronavirus has been managed and you can finally travel the world.


  1. More affordable

Of course, travel packages are way more affordable. Since these travel companies have deals with flight companies, hotels, and even travel destinations such as parks, they get incomparable discounts that they can pass over to their clients. This makes the whole traveling experience very affordable in comparison to going on the standard market rates. This has made travelers flock these tour companies to travel all over the world at unbelievably cheap prices. Some travelers have been quoted saying they have spent less than half the standard amount to go on trips that were just as good.

  • Meeting new people

Another beauty of traveling with travel companies is the fact that you travel as a group of random strangers who get to interact and know each other over a destination tour. Imagine getting to meet people who similarly love traveling and interacting with them over a period of a few weeks as you tour the world. Someone better ring some wedding bells! People have confessed to meeting lifetime friends, business partners, and even soul mates on trips such as these.

  • Secure and All in one

Another big advantage of going with traveling firms who offer travel packages is the fact that you pay once and everything is taken care of. From your air ticket, accommodation, meals, and even tour itinerary, everything is taken care of with a one-time payment. Also, some companies allow you to pay in installment in advance before the day of the travel. This allows you to plan yourself financially and not have to incur the hefty financial dent that trips such as this could cause on you.


  1. Traveling with people

Traveling with strangers can also be a disadvantage, especially to introverts. Also, you are never really sure of who you are traveling with and can therefore never be quite sure of your security. This makes traveling with tour companies a challenge as you get to meet totally new people who you do not know very well any time you travel.

  • Less itinerary

Traveling with these tour companies also limits the itinerary you can have while on tour. Since everything is already preplanned, there is really quite minimal flexibility. You might want to do extra things while on tour but this will affect your firm’s itinerary and will eventually cost you more. Although the itinerary might be quite the handful, it might not be your ideal fantasy when you were thinking about this trip.

  • Less choice

There is just less choice when it comes to traveling through packages. You are limited to the number of days you can stay, your travel package is also predetermined and you can definitely not visit any place you want.

Well, that being said, travel packages are a very good way to go on tour on an affordable budget. You will get to visit the world and spend way less than you would when you went on your own. Is it a bet you are willing to take?

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