Travel Horror Stories

Travel Horror Stories

May 29, 2020 0 By admin

Let’s just be honest. We have all thought about it. The horror stories that have happened to people all over the world when they were out on tours. Not to chicken you out, but to just keep you alive to the fact that the world is still quite a dangerous place and you have to take extra caution, especially when you are going to a foreign land. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some significant travel horror stories and how to take extra caution before and during your travel.

  1. Kidnappings

It happens often, people get kidnapped in foreign lands and a lot of money is extorted from their families. This has to be a real travel horror story as you are taken by unknown assailants and kept locked, starved, and often thoroughly shaken. Sometimes, it gets even worse as some kidnappers even have a different language so the communication is even harder. Stories have been told by many people of how kidnappers took them hostage for long periods of time.

  • Accidents

We all remember the iconic Titanic which was a cruise ship that unfortunately hit an iceberg and sank, killing a big chunk of the travelers onboard. Accidents are one of the most unprecedented occurrences especially during travel but there are a few horror stories about accidents occurring and sometimes being fatal.

  • Getting lost

Getting lost is devastating for any individual. It even gets worse when you are in a foreign country and do not speak the same language as the natives. You can get yourself wandering around and going in circles for days, or even weeks without tracing your way back. It gets worse if you get lost and you are hurt or have run out of resources.

These are some pretty terrifying horror stories but of course, the crocodile never stopped the antelope from having a drink at the river. So, how can you, as a big fan of traveling take extra caution to ensure stuff like this does not befall you?


  1. Always try to travel with someone (or a group)

There is strength in numbers and you will always be safer if you are with others. It is always safer to go with a touring company as it will handle all the security details of your travel. If you are going on a personal trip, always ensure you go with someone. Plan it with your close allies. The more, the merrier and the safer.

  • Often do thorough research on your travel destination beforehand

It is vital to do thorough research on your travel destination before you go. There is a lot of evil in the world and taking yourself directly to them might not be an ideal tourist experience. Some countries are very intolerant when it comes to race and religion and it would probably break your heart if you go to a place where you’ll be treated differently or cruelly based on your culture and choices.

  • Stick to your verified itinerary and avoid wandering off

We all love to explore, but it is vital to explore within safe confines. Do not explore a region you do not know too much. If you feel drawn to go beyond what is within your bounds, always seek a trusted local guide always to take you around. Again, always go through exploits like these as a group.

  • Have a miscellaneous budget

Always have some extra bucks in case anything happens. You might unknowingly break some law in the country and require bail. Do not have a limited budget because unknown eventualities occur almost as often as known eventualities.

These horror stories should in no way discourage your thirst for travel. Explore the world and different cultures and experiences but always be careful. ALWAYS!

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