Tourist Accommodation Options in Kenya

Tourist Accommodation Options in Kenya

April 30, 2021 0 By admin

Do you know that because of development as well as increased population, the animals were kept in reserved areas to prevent human-animal conflict? Kenya is ideal tourist destination for both local and international guests, hence it is very necessary as one way for travel preparation to decide on an accommodation alternative. The article describes choices to select from luxury resorts and lodges, camping, hotels and rental homes and apartments.

Accommodation Alternative

Tourists who wish to make Kenya their holiday destination must decide the accommodation prior to travelling because they must fill that option while applying for the eVisa. Therefore, the travelers need to be aware of the several options available for accommodation. Firstly, the luxury resorts and lodges which gives the visitors to spend night in a quality hotel into the natural wilderness. In fact, this option is a mainstay for numerous tourists since there are many lodges around the country especially along the coast and nigh popular safari destinations. Not to mention, some of the luxury resorts and lodges in the country are Hemingways Watamu, Serena Beach Resort & Spa, Kola Beach Resort, Silver Palm Spa and Resort, Enashipai Resort & Spa, among others.

Secondly, the camping is usually favorable for the globetrotters who are on a budget, usually a common overnight accommodation on Kenya’s numerous national parks, tented camps (tents provided in the facility) along with campsites. However, some will require that the travelers to carry their own tent as well as equipment. In fact, there are no restrictions on camping in the country, but the only challenge is the likelihood of robbery as well as attack by the wild animals thus, it is advisable to go to formal and secure campsites. Additionally, these are some of the campsites to consider Mount Ololokwe, Lake Paradise Special Campsite, Central Island National Park, Robert’s Camp, Camp Carnelly’s, among others.

Thirdly, the hotels in Kenya ideal for tourists are categorized into 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star depending on one’s budget. The accommodation types have full range facilities, and most hotels meet the international standards and even some in the coast region are inclusive of watersports along with entertainment. Moreover, some of the hotels to choose from are Serena Hotels, Treetops Hotel, Stanley Hotels, Outspan Hotel, Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel. Among others.

The next accommodation alternative is the rental homes and apartments which is an emerging trend in tourist accommodation space. The vacation rentals are normally having competitive rates as compared to the hotels and, they provide more private setting. Additionally, the facilities are equipped with kitchen which gives tourists the opportunity to save money as they can cook in-house. Not to mention, guests are preferring vacation rentals since they have a better chance to immerse themselves with the cultures of the cities they visit. Furthermore, some of the best facilities in this category are The Grand Gables, The King Post, Sherry Homes Raha Westlands, Prime Living Luxury Apartments, among others.

In conclusion, the guests have several options to choose from in terms of accommodation options depending various factors such as budget of the travelers. These are the various option in the marketplace rental homes and apartments, hotels, camping as well as luxury resorts and lodges.

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