Tour to Prison island Zanzibar, Tanzania

August 23, 2019
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Tour to Prison island Zanzibar, Tanzania

Have you been craving for some real adventure during your trip to Tanzania? Well, Tanzania has some outstanding adventurous activities waiting for you. One of them is the prison island.
Prison Island is a small island which is 5.6km northwest of Stone Town, in Zanzibar, the reason it was called prison island is because it was used a prison for rebellious slaves in 1860s and functioned as a coral mine, although no prisoner was ever housed on the island and instead it became a quarantine station for yellow fever cases, this station was only occupied for around half of the year and the rest of the time it was a popular holiday destination.
By the locals of Tanzania, it is also known as Changuu island or Kibandiko island, Changuu is named after the Swahili name of a fish which is common in the seas around it.
What to see
You will be able to see an old quarantine station, giant tortoises and snorkelling. You will be able to take a boat from the shores of stone town, settling down anchor 5km away. You will be able to see a beautiful prison island

The prices for prison island tour ranges between 20 USD pp to 75 USD pp
Those prices include boat from stone town, entrance fee to prison island, snorkelling gear.
You can also have lunch in the island’s restaurant but this is not included in the price.
We can classify this as a day trip so you can be able to schedule other longer trips during your visit to Zanzibar
Information that you should know
To make your tour convenient, you can make your booking earlier
During the tour, you will have an opportunity to swim therefore you can carry your swimming suit, towel, sunblock and other personal effects.
It is not necessary to carry a Snorkeling gear because in most cases it is included in the price so no need to carry
Before travelling it is important to note that travellers should have a moderate physical fitness level
Because items like wheelchair accessibility are not available. Also, it is not advisable to  visit if you suffer from heart problems or other serious medical conditions
To do a proper booking for the tour you can consider travel advisor where you can get further information including the rating of the tour companies that you are planning to tour with.
It is very easy to combine the tour for prison island and the stone town, remember to hang around for drinks as you watch the sunset.
There are other day trips that you can also factor in during your visit they include the tour, spice tour, snorkelling trip, Dolphine tour, jozani forest hike among others
Zanzibar is usually famous for all kind of tasteful spices which are grown at several inland farms, some of those spices include cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper among others. 
The earlier you start the day tour the better chance you will have to see a lot of sceneries and be able to get a lot of explanations from the tour guide. Also, you will have the best peaceful time to do a boat ride where there will be fewer tourists who like to join later in the day, and since you also get an opportunity to swim you can do a longer swimming distance compared to when you start later in the day.
Also, you can do morning simple fitness exercise to keep you fit for the rest of the day, also do not forget to carry your camera and to charge your phones to capture the most amazing sceneries.

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