Solo travel

Solo travel

September 17, 2019 0 By admin

A lot of people fear the idea of solo travel, for me I love my own company because I get enough time to focus on myself and to do the things that I love without feeling like I am not considering any other person. Here are some of the reason why you should try solo travel.

  1. Be in the moment:- when you are in the company of friends or family you end up spending a lot of time listening and also discussing what is happening around you instead of entering into the moment like fully observe. If it is a scene you will be able to get the attention of all the sound, smell, sight those are the moments to treasure that you can’t accomplish when in a company of other people.
  2. A better chance to meet other people:- Think about this, you just did a solo travel and you see a couple of friends or couple at the next table who you seem to enjoy their interaction and their kind of fun, how likely are you to join them if you were in a group compared to when you are solo, definitely when you are solo is the answer. Those other people might be enjoying your company as well and chatting to strangers can be fun, so yes travelling by yourself makes it easier for others to approach you and easier for you to approach others.
  3. Easy to make last time arrangements:- whether its the last tickets or the last hotel rooms when there is just you to think about then it can be flexible and cheaper. 
  4. Enjoy your own company and improve on self confidence:- I know you are asking how to let me give you a scenario, I used to shy when it comes to approaching totally new strangers one day I travelled to California and while walking back to my hotel from a night out I heard some music and spotted some people gathered in a beach having a party and I decided to crash, they did not mind at all actually they enjoyed my company that they wanted us to be friends even after we travel back to our different countries, it made me feel great about myself that is started believing in myself. It later became natural to talk to strangers and experience great opportunities.
  5. Self-discovery:- One thing I can assure you at the end of your solo travel, is that you will have known yourself much better than you did at the start. You will be able to know what you prefer without being influenced by someone else. Hopefully, it will be a good thing for you. 

Now that I have shared with you why you need to try solo travel, let me share with you some ideas of places that you can solo travel:-

  • California, Alabama hills
  • Arizona,Page
  • Utah, Moab
  • Las vegas
  • new Orleans, Louisiana
  • Hawaii, Maui or the Big Island of Hawaii
  • Odyssey, Bolivian

Are you still wondering where to start? start by making peace with yourself and giving yourself permission to do a solo travel, then you can also inform your close family or friends so that they are not worried of your whereabouts, Then you can contact your travelling agent of choice and explain to them the intention of your travel so that they can organise the basic things like accommodations, tickets and itinerary of your visit. But maybe you want to travel on your own and discover, then make sure you research the place you want to visit very well and make accommodation booking maybe for the first night so that if you arrive late you still have a place to sleep. The rest of the days enjoy discovering new places and new adventures. remember to carry a map.

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