Protecting your body from sunburns while travelling

Protecting your body from sunburns while travelling

August 28, 2020 0 By admin

It is said that dark skin is not prone to sunburns, but I assure you, from experience, everyone is prone to sunburns. That is why, I highly recommend these tips to protect your body from sunburn, especially when you a visiting a new place of probably higher temperatures. Therefore, ignore all the ‘FAKE NEWS” that some skins do not get sunburns, and always remember, everyone is at risk. Ensure you protect yourself throughout and keep your skin looking as awesome as it always does.


Piece of advice: always carry a hat while traveling. Hats come in various shapes, forms, and sizes and thankfully, there are culturally appropriate hats for anywhere you would want to travel to. I know sometimes we want to flaunt our hair and heads but always remember, a sunburnt scalp and face is never that interesting to look at. When you are enjoying touring hot coastal areas as well as semi-arid areas, never leave my hats behind. It would be better, in fact, to wear wide-brimmed hats that will cover beyond the head to most, if not the entire face. Hats are quite affordable, and this should not be an excuse to not own one. If you are going to a foreign land and might not know the exact price of hats, kindly carry yours from home. It will be more secure and cost-effective.


People often perceive shawls to be strictly cold season outfits. Quite to the contrary, these pieces of clothing are very efficient during the hot, sunny season since they provide great protection from the scorching sun. It is always advisable to minimize exposed skin during high temperatures, especially around during peak hours such as noontime. Many people prefer vests and short sleeve clothes for hot summers but it is also very important to always carry a very light shawl to prevent the scorching sun from hitting you directly on your skin and causing you awful burns. In addition to just being for the shoulders and abdominal region, shawls are a multipurpose item that can be converted to provide shade from the scorching sun or even dust coming to one’s head, and also act as a religious covering that is required in some places.

Thoroughly Hydrate

When you are out traveling hot and sunny areas, your body loses water almost three times faster than usual, depending on the temperature and humidity of the region you are visiting. That is why it is very vital to ensure you keep your body as hydrated as possible. Drink as much water as possible and take fluids and fruits rich in water as often as possible. Do not ignore or overlook any form of thirst you might feel. Dehydration is not only bad for your skin, but it is also very dangerous to your health and might end up hospitalizing you if you do not take caution. Avoid foods or drinks that might end up dehydrating you further and focus on enjoying your stay and remaining hydrated. Also, keep it is important to engage in activities that will keep the body cool like swimming, snorkeling, and any others that are fun and keep the body and skin hydrated.

Use sunscreen

Of course, we had to have this option in the list: sunscreen. Just like thousands of years ago, sunscreen is vital in keeping your skin protected from the rays of the sun. Traditionally, non-processed animal fat was being smeared on one’s body to act as a sunscreen and it is an amazing method. Some cultures still use this method to date. We, however, recommend using certified sunscreen that has the recommended Sun protection factor (SPF) for different weather and skin types and is waterproof.

Take care of your skin even as you travel and enjoy your life. Remember, you only have that skin.

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