Places to visit in Rwanda

Places to visit in Rwanda

August 28, 2020 0 By admin

Rwanda, a tiny country in East Africa, is making strides by being a tourist destination in Africa. Beaming with life and having a very dark history, it is no surprise the work that Rwanda has had to put in to reach the level it is now. Being a technological hub and having several industries, this is a country to look out for. So, which places can you visit in Rwanda and what sceneries are these that have made it a top tourist destination in the entire world?

Kigali Genocide Memorial

In order to appreciate everything Rwanda has become, you need to understand the reasons behind the devastating Rwandan genocide which killed more than 800,000 people in just 100 days. The Kigali Genocide Memorial reminds us of these historical events that led to the genocide that shook Rwanda in 1994.

A visit to this memorial is emotional for anyone as it reminds you of the complex nature of humanity. Once you arrive, you watch a short documentary filmabout the genocide then are taken to three permanent exhibitions which are full of artifacts, timelines, historical information, and photographs surrounding this incident. It is basically a journey that reveals the divisions that previously didn’t exist between Hutus and Tutsis but was brought about by colonization.

As you are taken through that journey you will get to the Children’s Room, which exhibits a gallery of life-size portraits of the youngest victims of the genocide. It keeps the memory of the children alive through details about their favor. It is an emotional journey that will make you appreciate the freedom and peace you currently have.

Volcanoes National Park

Sharing a border with Uganda and the DRC, Volcanoes national park is home to a growing number of critically endangered mountain gorillas. The park has made an incredible effort in conserving the gorillas who were just 250 in 1981 but are more than 600 right now. Gorilla trekking is, therefore, one of the most interesting things to do while in Rwanda. The trekking experience usually takes between four and eight hours, most of which is spent hiking through swampy areas, mystical bamboo forests, and wild meadows with the help of armed guards. Another interesting fact is that the guides from the national park service who usually lead you to the habituated gorilla families use clicking sounds to communicate with the gorillas making the entire experience very safe for the humans. Tourists usually spend around an hour observing the gorillas interact as they eat and care for the offspring. A good sight to behold!

Akagera National Park

You cannot say you have visited Africa if you have not gone on a game drive. Tourists can fulfill the African mandate and go on safari at Akagera National Park. This park boasts of its biodiversity especially since making an incredible recovery from near-total decimation after the 1994 Rwandan genocide. This park exquisitely has all the Big Five animals, along with an abundance of all kinds of birds and antelopes.

There is, unluckily, a low rhino and lion population which the conservatory is working tooth and nail to boost up; but for now, there are not that many at Akagera. However, there is an abundance of other animals such as elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos, and even Nile crocodiles, especially on a self-drive safari. The landscape of the park is just as spectacular as the animals that you will get to see.

This in no way exhausts the beautiful African country that is Rwanda. From a rich heritage, to nature and wildlife, to even art and a warm people, Rwanda should be in your bucket list destinations.

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