Paris, The City of Love, or is it?

Paris, The City of Love, or is it?

May 29, 2020 0 By admin

Paris has been called the city of love for centuries now. But does it really live up to this hype? Is Paris really full of Cupid’s arrows? Do people have a phenomenal love experience in France’s Capital? We set out on a journey to find out if Paris really is the city of love and made a few discoveries along the way. Here are 5 reasons why Paris is indeed the city of love, and 5 reasons that could prove otherwise.

Why Paris is the City of Love

  1. The Beauty

Paris is a beautiful city- there’s no two ways about that. Georges Haussman, who designed central Paris made it a small intimate city filled with beautiful sceneries. Add that to the charming cobbled streets of Marais and Montmartre you will totally understand why Paris is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The fact that the buildings have a regulated cap of just six stories, Paris gives you a homey and intimate feel where you explore the beauty as though it’s your home.

  • The Food

With a history of great delicacies spanning centuries and more than 40,000 restaurants, you can be sure Paris will blow your mind when it comes to the food. And what is a good love story without food? Think about the effect of the phrase ‘French wine’ on your taste buds. The good food of the French, and Paris in particular, makes this city a true hub of love.

  • The Language

French is described as the ‘sexiest language in the world’. Who would dispute this anyway? I mean, the pronunciation and words are an aphrodisiac in themselves. Je t’aime, a French phrase which translates to ‘I love you’ in English, is the most translated French phrase and it is believed that 34 out of 1000 translated phrases in Google are in French and are related to love. This proves to you just how much French is internationally recognized as the language of love.

  • The People

The French, especially in Paris, are believed to be some of the most romantic people to ever grace the face of the earth. Some of the tourists who get to visit this city reveal that Paris city dwellers are not just good looking people, but are some of the most flirtatious, seductive and passionate people ever. So, anyone who goes to Paris with the intention of finding a love experience will most probably find it.

  • The Big Screen

Some of the greatest love films ever made such as French Kiss, Midnight in Paris, and Amélie have been classically referring to Paris as the city of love. The ultimate place for the last seal of love, the final kiss, had to be at the Eiffel Tower. This has inadvertently made Paris be attached as the icon of love and romance in the world.

Why Paris is NOT the City of Love

Well, just like any other city, Paris has its share of disadvantages and pitfalls that might not make it an ideal ‘love city’. Just like other cities, there is crime, high population, traffic, noise, and even high prices. So, in as much as the city is hyped as being an ideal city of love, it also has its fair share of pitfalls.

With this in mind, it is clear that in as much as Paris is called the City of Love, it has its fair share of weaknesses. This, however, does not negate the fact that very many beautiful love stories have happened in Paris. Therefore, before drawing any conclusions, go to Paris on your own and experience for yourself the famous City of Love!

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