Have fun as a team,

Have fun as a team,

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In Kenya, several companies are working with accredited teambuilding specialists to offer out-door and team building as well as outdoor events. The activities people engage in are ideas along with games designed to mix risk-free challenges with unbridled fun. The place where team building can take place is on the beach, less dense forest, a large field among others. These are some of the place’s tourers can go for team building experience.

Kereita Forest

Kereita forest is located about 60kms from Nairobi in Lari Kiambu county. The forest is part of the Aberdares National Park and it is home to wild animals, waterfalls, caves and Gatamaiyu river. Trippers at Kereita forest have an opportunity to participate in various activities. Firstly, zip-lining which is the key attraction at the Forest. Before the activity, a tripper undergoes some training that is conducted by trained professionals who provide the ziplining gear. At Kereita forest six lines are offering six different views, but a traveller can pick to do 2 or 6 lines. Moreover, ziplining has many interested customers; hence, to get a chance to get the experience, one must make a reservation. The prices for 6-line ziplining is 2500 and 1500 for 2 lines. Secondly, mountain biking is another event which provides a refreshing ride across the sweeping countryside. Also, for the adrenaline looking to concur the sweeping corners, there are purpose-built trails with demanding circuits. Thirdly, archery is a practice of ancient art of warfare to have fun, as one seeks bullseye as well as bragging rights of gathering the highest score at the range. Lastly, paintballing in the thick woodland areas which are interspersed with large open spaces along with vantage points.

Chaka Ranch, Nyeri

Chaka Ranch is located in Kiganjo, Nyeri county between Mount Kenya and Aberdare range. The ranch has a leisure park which the team can use to enjoy rides as well as a teambuilding centre which offers teams with walking plunks, obstacle course, soccer shootout, bubble football among others. Not to mention, the tourers can have the opportunity to enjoy cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, beers and marinated nyama choma. Additionally, the ranch boasts to have the widest together with the biggest collection of buggies and quad bikes in Kenya. The teambuilding package is available on request and the cost includes; buffet lunch, accommodation costs, full-day access to team building arena, team building facilitator, team building activities, park entrance fees, transportation and morning tea. However, the team building package is not exclusive of visa charges, tips, extra stay pre/post tour, insurance, airfare taxes, medicine if required and passport costs.

Rolf’s Place

Rolf’s Place is situated 25 minutes from Nairobi in a cliff mansion located on the southeast border of Nairobi National Park at Ongata Rongai. Rolf’s is built at the top of a cliff, and there is a splendid view from the restaurant. Furthermore, Mr Rolf Schmid is the owner and chef of the facility. He is attentive to details and always engaging with the guests. The teambuilding location has a restaurant that has German architecture mixed with a few local designs. These are team building activities that people can enjoy at Rolf’s Place. Firstly, paintball shooting is a sport that allows partakers to eliminate their team members by hitting them with paintballs. Usually, the paintballs are shot from a compressed gas-powered gun commonly referred to as a marker. The activity requires two opposing teams aiming at eliminating the rival team to retrieve a flag as well as take over their territory. The game can be played outdoors or indoors, and it is designed to ensure that the team members enjoy the activity in a safe environment. Secondly, the teams can compete in swimming, the team can recognize the best swimmer in the team.

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