From South Africa to Tanzania by Ravos rail

November 7, 2019
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From South Africa to Tanzania by Ravos rail

Everyone likes to have a memorable vacation, which he or she will live to remember. Can you imagine taking a 15 day tour in a well-furnished train? There is an epic journey from Cape, South Africa town in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania. It also passes through Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.
The journey was started by a private company from Pretoria South Africa. Different events and influences led to the start of the journey. The passion for trains of Phill Acutt, coal for running locomotive and his business of spare parts led to the beginning of this journey. Rohan one tried the first train trip, which was a bit difficult in 1985. Later the same year he was influenced by Phill Acutt to buy coaches and they attended an auction where they managed to get coaches with one of them being a 1506 private salon that operates to date. In 1986 they got permission to run the train and the idea for a vintage business train began. They were faced with a challenge of tariff since from the government which made it hard the family caravan. Later Rohan was allowed to operate and sell tickets. His hobby now was turning to business although he was fearing to venture in tourism which could pose many dangers. On April 29, 1989, a train consisting of seven carriages and a locomotive was launched. The business journey from Pretoria to Cape Town was born. The start challenge was running a schedule and raising finance from the passengers. Other challenges were the change of government in 1994. Later they planned to run the train from Cape Town to Victoria Falls and Tanzania.
Today it is fun when the train pulls from the station to start it a fun journey. No matter how you don’t like trains, this is a journey that makes you like trains. Ravos rails will make your experience of the African golden sun real. It has a warm welcome lounge where you can be welcomed with your favorite pinotage one of the South African finest wine brands. As the journey begins you can rest on your armchair and take a glance outside the window while the wine runs warmly through your throat. You can enjoy the start of the journey by seeing the great table mountains. The view is stunning beautiful especially if its evening or early morning when Africa golden sun rays pass through the mountains. Then the train starts cutting through the Paarl vineyards which is one of the South African wine regions you can’t stop your eyes to enjoy. You can join your fellow passengers in an observation coach at the back which has a beautiful balcony, where you can enjoy all of the Africa beautiful nature full of wild animals.
One of the beautiful things you can also enjoy on your way to Tanzania is Victoria Falls. You leave Pretoria and heads and if you are lucky you can go through past Botswana, then Zimbabwe. After a few days, you come to Thomson Junction and now to the beautiful victoria falls on the great Zambezi River. You can make a stop here and enjoy many activities like white rafting and taking safari photos on the train. You can even rent a chopper which can take you around the falls and get a beautiful view. The train moves slowly at the still bridge at the falls and the tourist can alight and walk on the high bridge and enjoy the view from the center.
This is a beautiful journey every passenger can write a book about. The services on the train, food, leather chairs are out of this world. You experience stopovers on your way where you can take game Safaris like in Durban Safari, golf safari and you enjoy African village life on your way where normal life is so simple and beautiful. Innocent children chase your train as you leave their village to say goodbye. If you succeed to reach Dar es Salaam you are welcomed by a police band and your memorable journey which will be nostalgia for the rest of your life comes to an end.

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