Entertainment in Nairobi city

Entertainment in Nairobi city

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Nairobi city offers numerous great times to the visitors as well as residents in terms of diverse fun along with entertainment options. There are various modes of entertainment such as bustling nightlife, scenic view of the Capital city that KICC Helipad offers, creative theatres, shopping streets, vibrant shopping streets among others. Not to mention, this is an outline of the various fun places to visit in Nairobi:
Village Market
The Village Market accommodates approximately 150 stores outlets covering retail and office space as well as offering entertainment, recreation and shopping facilities. The architectural structure looks like an open-air African market inclusive of gardens, waterfalls and plants. To begin with, some stores deal with arts and crafts that is Kenyan crafts together with African artefacts. During all the Fridays the shopping centre hosts the Maasai Market which is an event that connects around 400 craftsmen and artisans who deal with a range of ethnic relics. Some of these African items found in these stores include wooden sculptures, soapstone among others. Also, the shopping centre has facilities for entertainment and recreation water slides, bowling alleys, cinema hall, supervised play areas for children; and during holidays or weekends, Village Market invites pianists and musicians. Another, occurrence at the shopping complex are activities and events comprising of the weekly art exhibition, Car Boot sale and regular promotions to award visitors and shoppers. For instance, The Bonus Card program rewards loyal shoppers with redeemable points.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage
The orphanage which was established in 1964, is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm and it is controlled by Kenya Wildlife Service which is located in Lang’ata. However, the most appropriate time to see the wild animals is between 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm since the animals are being fed at this time daily. Some of the animals are hyenas, buffalos, ostrich, cheetahs, leopards, lions, baboon and many others. The animal orphanage serves as a valuable education centre for schoolchildren as well as locals who might not have an opportunity to interact with wildlife since an individual can read each animal’s history, for instance, whether it was born in captivity or rescued. Not to mention, some of the costs incurred in the Nairobi orphanage are animal orphanage entry, park entry fees, the price per individual and professional English speaking guides. An orphanage is a place where animals suffering from grief as well as a shock having lost their mother and family, injured and deeply traumatized live.

Bomas of Kenya
The government instituted the Bomas of Kenya in 1971 as a supplementary firm of Kenya Tourist Development Corporation as a form of tourist attraction. Additionally, the establishment preserves maintain and promote rich as well as diverse cultural values of different ethnic groups in Kenya. Bomas of Kenya is located roughly 10km from Nairobi downtown area and it is hosts one of Africa’s largest auditorium. The institution showcases a range of Kenyan cultures including acrobatic shows, dances, music among others and the best time for visitors to view is in the evening during weekends along with afternoons during weekdays. Moreover, a visitor must visit the villages which showcases numerous cultural setting of Kenyan communities such as Kamba, Luo, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Mijikenda, Maasai among others. Around a particular village, there are more than 20 homesteads which shows the unique setups of diverse communities ways of life. Also, at the Bomas of Kenya, there is the Utamaduni Restaurant which is managed by Kenya Utalii College which offers a rich menu of cultural foods from various ethnic groups. Not to mention, the eating place provides a range of products including Kenya’s staple food: ugali, local barbecue: nyamachoma, Abaluhya ingokho, Gikuyu mukimo, chips, fish among others all at pocket-friendly prices. Lastly, the restaurant is located at the heart of Bomas of Kenya at a serene and relaxing environment.

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