Egypt tour

Egypt tour

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Egypt is a country which is linking northeast Africa and the Middle East, it is popularity is wide from the time of Pharaohs. It is bordering the Mediterranean sea between Libya and Gaza strip and the red sea. They speak Arabic and modern standard Arabic. Its a capital city is Cairo

Many great Pharaos of strong men and women worked very hard on driving the country to new heights of wealth and power, they constructed many great monuments all over the country including beautiful artefacts to protect their achievements. Climate

The weather in Egypt is hot, sunny and dry all year long. During summer the temperature could get to 40C and during winter which usually starts from September to April, the climate is usually wonderful with low temperatures. If you want to visit Egypt consider winter period so that you can have a good atmosphere to see the various types of artefacts and monuments.

Some of the things you can enjoy to see during the visit include;

Egypt tour with Nile cruise – A tour in the cruise on River Nile is a truly unforgettable experience they usually operate between Luxor and Aswan and they are very enjoyable as you will be able to see the ancient sites of Upper Egypt. 

Egypt Mt.sinai and Dahab adventure tour– Mt. Sinai is also known as Mount Moses which is considered a holy site by the Abrahamic religions. To climb up it will take you 2 -3 hours using the camel path and from 1 to 2hours on the repentance path. This mountain is 2,285m high. You can also enjoy other Dahab tours which include, Saint Catherine’s monastery, mt.sinai sunrise tour, Blue hole and 3 pools snorkel from Dahab, Quad biking in Dahab among others

Egypt sacred tour – Through an Egypt sacred tour guide who acts as facilitators of self-realization, they will be able to take you on a journey of awakening and you will be able to experience the ancient and majestic spirit of sacred Egypt, you will be able to embrace the Egyptian culture and rituals and their rites of passage and ceremonies. Other things that they will guide you through include the feminine principle, the divine feminine, the second coming, unified consciousness, Mary Magdalene and along with forgiveness for ourselves as we embrace our shadow side. On this mystical journey, you will be able to discover the magnificent beauty and spirit of the ancient Egyptian people and their land

To travel to Egyp here are some of the tips to consider

  • Find a travelling company to organise a full package for you, you can use a travel advisor to get a variety of suggestion
  • Organise travel insurance, this will cover you if your bags are lost stolen and if your flight is delayed or cancelled including all medical and injury-related issues
  • Beware of scammers, you should be very careful on who you trust in Egypt a lot of people are out there for your money. 
  • Always ask for prices, before you buy anything like water, soda, candy consider to ask the prices first because someplace the prices are overrated
  • Carry comfortable shoes, most places in Egypt are dusty so consider closed comfortable shoes for your trips
  • Stay hydrated, it might be very hot than usual, so you will be required to buy a lot of bottled water.

Note that as a foreigner you will be charged everywhere more EGP so always haggle with the shop owner and you will always get discounted prices for example if they say a big bottle of water is 4 or 5 EGP just tell them that you buy water down the street all the time for 2EGP and they’ll usually have no problem selling it to you, and be aware of the real Egyptian prices for certain items and you be able to negotiate for the right prices.

Enjoy you discover tour to Egypt!

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