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Fun Activities for the Winter Break

We all know that winter is that one time of the year that we believe it is family time and indoor time. In as much as the weather outside might be colder than usual, this is actually a very nice time to pick up a few activities for individuals, couples, or even the entire family. From tiny indoor activities, to a little traveling and interactions outside, this is a perfect time to build bonds by…

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Protecting your body from sunburns while travelling

It is said that dark skin is not prone to sunburns, but I assure you, from experience, everyone is prone to sunburns. That is why, I highly recommend these tips to protect your body from sunburn, especially when you a visiting a new place of probably higher temperatures. Therefore, ignore all the ‘FAKE NEWS” that some skins do not get sunburns, and always remember, everyone is at risk. Ensure you protect yourself throughout and keep…

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