Basic Things Tourist Need to know before Travelling to Kenya

Basic Things Tourist Need to know before Travelling to Kenya

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Kenya is recognized globally as a tourist destination because of its diversified options for globetrotter to explore such as wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, among others. The country is recognized both as an adventurous as well as a relaxing destination at the same time. The article aims at giving fundamental information the excursionists need to know before they travel to Kenya.

When to go to Kenya

The upcountry regions in Kenya are approximately 600 meters or more above the sea level because of the enjoyable climate which has cool nights along with warm days. The coastal territory is usually hot as well as steamy throughout the year but with far more mosquitos. Furthermore, January to February is the nation’s peak season is usually when it is dry, hot and flamingoes flock the lakes at the Rift Valley; thus, the tourist should book their accommodation in advance and note that the prices are high at this period. Moreover, travelers can get a better deal if they choose a period when tourists were few from June to October. This is the period when the wildebeests’ Great Migration passes through Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

Flights to Kenya

In Kenya, there are two big international airports namely Moi in Mombasa and Jomo Kenyatta in Nairobi. In case a globetrotter wants to travel to numerous game reserves and national parks, they should travel to Nairobi since it is a central location. Moreover, to travel to these two major cities, the tourists can use both a domestic flight as well as catch the train. Furthermore, Kenya has several airstrips that enable excursionists to fly to several tourist destinations. 


The trippers can access different types of tourist visas when they decide to travel to Kenya. Firstly, the East Africa visa necessary for people adventuring the region in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda because it is cheaper than purchasing individual visas for these three countries. The East Africa Visas must be applied in advance of the travel and applied online. Secondly, in case a holidaymaker just wants to travel to Kenya, he/ she must apply for eVisa online ahead of their travel which will save time for the excursionist once they arrive at the airport. However, the traveller can get visas at the border post.

Kenya Food and Drink

In Kenya, meals are offered at high-end together with mid-range lodges that are usually Western and delicious with snacks available in between. Additionally, when a tourist chooses trekking, the camping food is normally hearty and plentiful, and the excursionist should expect big portions of fruits, veggies, meat, pasta, and soup. Equally important, the holidaymaker should expect to ugali, mutton stews together with vegetables, such as spinach. There are also fresh fruits in Kenya; for example, pineapple, mango together with fresh juices. Not to mention, in terms of beverages tourists will consume glasses of imported wine, Tusker beer, coffee and chai (sweet milk tea) which is Kenya’s drink of choice. 


M-Pesa is an amazing invention that enables mobile payment services in Kenya. The service allows many Kenyans even those without bank accounts to pay for online services as well as pay for bills. Therefore, a tourist in Kenya can sign up for M-Pesa through acquiring a local SIM card that allows one to pay for services such as the Nairobi-Mombasa train. 


A traveller in Kenya while travelling for shorter distances may decide to use the minivans, usually referred to as matatus. The matatu ride is normally fun and adventurous accompanied by loud African music. Moreover, the excursionist can use the Boda Bodas (motorbike taxis) and tuk-tuks also to travel within smaller towns. Not to mention, the matatus, tuk-tuks and Boda Bodas are cheaper options than taxis.

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