7 new wonders of the world Great Wall of China

7 new wonders of the world Great Wall of China

September 25, 2020 0 By admin

Considered one of the greatest constructions ever, the Great Wall of China is still a magnificence even to modern-day architects. Spanning over 21000kms, the wall of China is, indeed, the longest wall in the world. This great site attracts more than 10 million visitors per year and has been visited by some of the world’s greatest VIPs including more than 300 heads of state such as Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II. The Great Wall was declared a UN World Heritage Site in 1987. So what makes the Great Wall of China so grand and such a darling to many?

Its magnificent architecture

Words cannot even conclusively define just how magnificent the Great Wall is. With its 21,000kms length, this wall spans all forms of landscapes and goes through hills, valleys, ridges, and a host of other tough terrains. This makes it a large wounding structure that was perfect for defense. More than just a wall, this structure was a military marvel for its time. It still influences modern military structures and architecture. Simply put, the wall was so skillfully built it consisted of an integrated military defensive system with fortresses for command posts and logistics, watchtowers for surveillance, and beacon towers for communications

The rich heritage

The wall was built over a period of approximately 2000 years. That is a lot of time and therefore the accumulated culture and heritage are just phenomenal. That period cut across several generations and the Great Wall pretty much tells the story of China and how the kingdoms lived and coexisted spanning more than 2 millennia. Of course, there were periods where the construction was halted because of political and socio-economic reasons. Most of the time, however, the construction was halted because of a change in leadership. A lot of stories and folklore surrounds this wall and at times there exists a grey area on the fact and fiction, especially to locals. These stories are what influenced the 2017 box office hit ‘Great Wall’ starring Matt Damon. Another famous great wall story is the folklore of Lady Meng Jiang whose husband died while building the Great Wall. She cried so loudly upon this realization that sections of the wall actually got destroyed. These, and a myriad of other stories surrounding the Great Wall, has increased the mystery surrounding this wall that carries China’s heritage through very many generations.

Recognized national symbol

The Great Wall is a recognized national symbol which makes it a must-visit place for both local and international tourists. Because of deterioration such as vandalism and natural wear and tear, the wall has lost 30% of its original structure. Since the wall is very significant to China and the world as a whole, the government is working to preserve and reconstruct sections of the wall that have deteriorated. Since the last section was completed a few centuries ago, governments past and present have worked tirelessly to rebuild and maintain this national symbol. This sense of ownership and relevance point out to just how much the Great Wall means to individuals all over the world, and not just the Chinese.

The Great Wall of China is a very beautiful symbol of the hard work and sheer possibility of achievement that human beings can actually manage. It is definitely a place worth visiting if you have the chance, time, and resources. There are certainly more famous sections of the Great Wall such as Mutianyu, Jinshanling (famous for hiking), and Jiankou that attract a big chunk of the visitors. A visit to the great wall should probably be on any and every explorer’s bucket list.

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