10 Things You Need to Observe When You Visit Egypt

10 Things You Need to Observe When You Visit Egypt

January 21, 2021 0 By admin

Egypt is one of the best world History heritage places you expect to meet many things. There are few things you should know before visiting Egypt. Egypt is most known because of its famous landmarks that are historical to the world. It is one of the countries that attracts millions of tourists.

Egypt has famous places like fascinating museums, temples, ancient tombs, and pyramids. When you visit the place, you will have a memory you will live to tell. There are few things you should be aware of before you visit.

Crossing the street can be terrifying

Egypt has crazy traffic and if you are new crossing cannot be that easy because it like the country has no rules for pedestrians. You have to rely on your judgment when crossing the road.

Religious sites dress norm

Egypt is a Muslim country where you find the atmosphere a bit conservative. When visiting mosques, you should dress religiously like locals. If you are a lady and you expose yourself too much, you will receive unwelcoming stares from locals. Always be dressed in modesty.

Celebrity welcome

When you come along schools children or groups they must be over-excited to meet you. They will ask for selfies at historic sites and museums. If you are a bit private person you might feel this a bit. You should understand they are just happy children who get excited when they meet westerners. You can say no to them politely and note if you accept one, expect to take many more.

Delicious amazing food

Everyone who has visited Egypt has these mesmerizing landmarks and sights. They also live raving about the amazing food that is found all over the country. You will find delicious and unique cuisine and get addicted to it very quickly.

The dishes are made using vegetables legumes, fruits, and rice. The Ful Madames breakfast is a very common delicious dish. It comprises of boiled eggs and mashed fava beans. You should also not leave without testing the Molokhiya, a green colorful soup that is considered to be a national dish.

Have your own bottled water

Egypt is a very hot region and you will tend to drink a lot of water more than usual. Tap water in Egypt is not much recommended and having your personal bottled water may protect you from water-related diseases.

Be aware of Ramadan regulations

You need to be aware to meet restrictions if you are traveling during the holy month of Ramadan. You should be aware of fasting during the day and it advisable you refrain from eating in public when everyone is fasting. If you are in tourist places it’s okay to enjoy your meal.

Tipping culture

Some countries treat tipping seriously while some don’t. In Egypt, tipping is considered to be important. Expect to tip the locals everywhere you go. Note Egypt has their local word for tipping which is baksheesh! You can give the tip directly to the waiter.

Decide careful to ride a camel

Riding a camel around the pyramids can be exciting and everyone’s intention. There have been complaints from animal rights that these camels have undertaken the care of and re malnourished. Refraining from taking rides may be a support of these animals rights.

Photos for pay

We are living in the age of social media where sharing photos of everything you take is free. You will get confused when you visit Egypt and you are asked to pay for photos you have taken even the locals may demand you pay them if you take a photo with them. Do not even think of taking snaps secretly since the locals have tactics to notice when you are doing so.

Don’t forget your toilet paper

Keep in mind Egypt is a Third world country and things might look in order in your hotel but things might turn different in public bathrooms. It is always advisable to bring your toilet paper.

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