Travel and flying tips

January 28, 2020
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Travel and flying tips

Everyone’s dream is to travel one day. The only problem is traveling especially by flight can be very costly sometimes due to long lines in airports, overpriced food, getting late and booking procedures. If you happen to have a bad flight you are likely to get overtired and flight fatigue which may make one never enjoy his or her vocation. Before starting your journey especially if you will use a flight it is better to get well prepared before kicking off the journey. Through this blog, I will give you some great travel tips to help you plan and enjoy your vacation.
Let’s get down with these tricks to help you plan your travel.
Always where possible make use of airline apps. This will help you check on in and avoid the finger points process at the airport unless you have a piece of luggage you want to be checked at the desk. Once you have the app you can use it for reservation such that when you come in you just head directly to security and save time. Some airline apps can check you 24 hours earlier. With these apps, you can even enjoy entertainment directly from specific airline apps that offer these services. This is the reason you should consider building an interest in them.
If possible try to have airline credit cards. They will help you earn elite status and get checked quickly and also be given high priority when boarding. This can even help you in moving your bags around the airport.
Before booking a flight consider your sitting position by checking it online. Use a map to confirm your seat and see if its near to noise place and smell.
One thing mistake you should avoid is being disorganized. Airline apps can help your things to be always organized. It will update you on the flight status, how much time you are remaining with to check-in, the gates you will use and the luxury lounge in case you need one.
Always remember not to rely too much on apps for real-time reports since they may not always be updated in realtime and you need to check the realtime reports. Flight starts can help you weather conditions, the status of the flight and your flight history whether it’s on time or it is delayed and this will help you to rebook. Remember to check the rules of carrying the liquid and it should be in a see-through case. Be keen on prechecks. Leave everything in your bag including the liquids.
Check the security points speed. With the help of an app like MiFligt can help you to see crowded areas and time you need to take at real-time checkpoints.
Have a good size bag for easy movements. There are different size limits for different airlines and they follow these rules very strictly and at the gates is not easy to pass if you don’t comply with bag size. When buying a bag it good to consider the dimensions. Remember due to variations in standard and metrics, the different region has different standards though they may not vary a lot.
Remember to have all your gadgets in place. Check if every electronic you are carrying has all the appliances packed together. Don’t rely too much on flight ports. Have removable batteries in bag packs since unremovable ones are not allowed since they can cause explode in cabins.
Don’t waste time on restaurants line waiting in a line. Use apps to order food to avoid missing boarding. Many airports have free wifi, although you need to careful when using it. You can find a cheap lounge in airports where you can enjoy your time. Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes. Invest in a travel pillow, water bottle, moisturizers and exercise before you leave.

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