The world top 10 culture shock

The world top 10 culture shock

January 21, 2021 0 By admin

Travelling is one of the greatest world treasures you may have in this world. The world is full of diverse cultures, and some come with a price. There are traditions and cultures that you will find close to yours while others you may find them so contradicting. The greatest reward of traveling globally is getting a chance to interact with these cultures. This is always a chance to interact with people and get to learn something new which can help you grow as a person. This interaction sometimes can make you meet a culture shock that you cannot not believe.

If you are a westerner these cultures and traditions may confront and confuse you. There is nothing wrong with having traditions and cultures since it is just people living the way they would prefer to live. I will present you with ten culture and traditions that you will find interesting to go through them.

Insects snacks in Thailand

When you visit Thailand, you will find it funny people having insects as snacks. You will find them being sold all over the streets. Many locals are used to this norm while visitors find it shocking because this is not common back in their homes. In this Asian country, it is very common to consume insects on a daily basis. They are part of the menu and this will be hard for you to adapt. Also when you are a visitor to Thailand, be keen to respect the Royal family since the locals there take their loyal family very seriously.

Malawi Basic Living Conditions

If you are traveling around Africa and you are not used to poor living conditions, you will be shocked. This country is considered to have high cases of HIV and Aids pandemic. It is also a country considered to have a high rate of poverty.

When you visit and see their living conditions, you will be shocked. It worth noting, while they may be considered to be poor, these locals are very rich in terms of happiness.

Egypt Road traffic

Egypt is a country that is on the list of countries with insane road traffic. To make the matter worse, this is a country where the craziness of this traffic can make you go crazy. You will find it shocking that you have to find your way to cross the road unlike in countries where they use lights to cross. Be careful as cars may speed past you.

Tanzania Awkward Staring

If you share with people who have visited Tanzania, they may tell you about how people stare at you when you visit rural areas. While staring is impolite in many countries, in Tanzania the staring is more real curiosity.

Japan public manners

Japan is a place where you will not enjoy all your freedom especially when you are on public transport. It is considered impolite to make noise in trains or receive a phone call. You can imagine how silent your journey can be in Japan.

Pushing To Get Served in India

When you visit India, do not wait to line up so that you can be served. You have to push others to get your way. This is a culture that shocks many since many believe in first come first served.

Extreme Poverty in Haiti

Despite learning about Voodoo culture in Haiti, this is also an eye-opener to how poverty can get to the extreme. This can come as a culture shock especially if you are visiting Haiti for the first time. This country is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.

Mexico Toilet paper

Having toilets is considered the first measure of cleanliness. In Mexico, after using your toilet paper you throw it in a trashcan. This is to prevent clogging of the toilet system. This will be a shock if you come from more developed countries.

Outside meat in Morocco

We are used to a certain level of hygienic when preserving food. In Morroco, you will be shocked to find meat on the airs market. It is not refrigerated and is covered with flies which tends to shock many.

The last tenth one is the Chinese dining etiquette where you are expected to leave food on the plate. If you finish everything on the plate, it is a sign you are still hungry.

While these cultures tend to shock us, we should appreciate our world’s diverse culture. We should not look down on them but we should see them as a learning opportunity.

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