Road trip? 9 tips for planning for a road trip

Road trip? 9 tips for planning for a road trip

August 27, 2019 0 By admin

Road trips are a big part of impromptu trips. Have you had a long and tiresome week? Do you feel like you are getting burnt out from your job or your current environment? Do you feel like you need a break from your normal activities? Oh, and are you on a strict budget? Then these tips will work for you 🙂

1. Have a plan

It is always good to have a plan in whatever you do. This includes when you are about to make a road trip, even if it is an impromptu one. You can save money by making a proper plan. Research on the best route. It will help in terms of security and also save on fuel. You should also know about your destination. It is a good idea to have an app that will help keep you organized.

2.  Make your snacks

Avoid buying snacks along the road. Make your snacks. You can make home-made food and carry it through the way. Yes, you might need to buy more at times, but making from home will save you a huge amount as normally, these roadside and fuel station stores usually have overpriced products.

3.   Where will you lodge?

Book your accommodation in advance. It is good to know where you will spend the night during your stay. Once you know, make payments in advance. A cheaper alternative would be for you to camp. Have your camping gear with you as this will not only be an adventure, but also a financial bargain.

4.     Make use of coupons and store discounts

Who doesn’t like discounts? When you visit several stores during your trip, make use of discounts and coupon codes offered, be it at gas stations or the general food place. Use those codes. Ask for the best prices for all that you purchase. You just might be lucky enough to get discounts.

5.     Save on gas

Again, use those coupons. Use them at the gas station. Remember to carry lighter luggage. This saves on the mileage and in turn saving on fuel consumption. You can compare gas prices in various zip codes along your route and purchase where it is cost-friendly. It is good to research on prices earlier on before you decide to embark on the journey.

6.     Split the costs with friends

A road trip is fun, but it is even more fun with friends. Travel with them. Let them chip in. Split purchases with friends. This can be done by using several apps like Zelle. With such an app, you can have a shared account with friends, that calculates for you how much you’ve spent, and how to split.

7.     Car status

Check the status of your car. Ensure the pressure of your tires is ok and well balanced. Make sure your insurance premiums are paid in time. Use the correct fuel for your car. Check on the lights. Avoid speeding. It will save you from speeding tickets and other unnecessary penalties. It will also save on fuel costs. Make a thorough car inspection. Know the health of your car before starting the journey.

8.     Emergency services and equipment

Have contacts of various car break down services for emergency cases. Ensure you also have a first aid kit that is well stocked and have hospital contacts at your disposal.

9.     Plan for parking

Parking is expensive. It is important to have an idea of the best and cheapest parking spots along your route. Safety is also a factor here. You don’t want to leave your car at a place, only to find that it’s missing on that there has been a break-in. This can cost you a lot more than you anticipated.

Finally, make sure you enjoy! This gives you the motivation to try the activity again and again. Have a good ride 🙂

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