Climb Mt Longonot on Your Own

February 13, 2020
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Climb Mt Longonot on Your Own

Mt Longonot is a volcano mountain located in Kenya inside the great Rift valley at South East of Lake Naivasha. The name Longonot came from a Maasai word ‘oloonong’ot’ meaning a place of sharp ridges. It is located 60 kilometers drive away from the capital city Nairobi. It is easily accessible by road. On your way, you will see the Kenyan satellite station.
The mountain is estimated it erupted around the 1860s. Today it has vegetation and some small rivers. There are traces of lava flow on its sides. The crater is 750 meters high and is visible when you are traveling along Nairobi Nakuru highway.
It has great attracting viewpoints with beautiful nature. The whole trip of hiking from the groud to the top and then back can take around 4 to 5 hours. Once you start climbing you get to see a beautiful Lake Naivasha from far, the escapements and the Great Rift Valley. This gets better if you get to the top especially if it early in the morning. You get to see a very beautiful landscape that will remain in your mind for the rest of your life. Mt Longonot is a National park where you can enjoy a lot of activities like hiking, biking, watching wildlife and rock climbing. There are various recipes of wildlife which include giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, birds gazelles, and warthogs. There are reports of leopards being spotted though it is rare to spot one.
The park mostly is for promoting and boosting tourism. This place is considered a natural treasure. When you use the Mai Mahiu road you will experience this true natural treasure view. You can see the Crater from far and then you start approaching it till you arrive at the foot of the mountain. It is good to note the mountain is steep and depending on your fitness you need to be very careful. It is also slippery at some places but there are many bushes and stems which can give you support. It is recommended you have a guide in case anything happens as a wandering buffalo chases you.
You are also likely to come across local tourists as nowadays local tourists since domestic tourism in Kenya is becoming more popular. If you are local you are in advantage to get an affordable package from domestic tour companies. It is good to note many Local tours happen on the weekend due to the availability of people. If you just want to enjoy yourself without many people just visit the place on weekdays since many locals are not available.
The cost of entering the crater varies from local to international visitors. It advisable you check with the tour company you are using before you plan to visit.
Once you are at the gate you see the mountain as if it’s just a small mountain that is easy to climb. You will not believe that the whole trip to the top and going around the crater will take you almost six hours. You start by taking a stretch from the gate to the foot. The start is simple and fun but as it starts getting steeper the real event unfolds and you start getting tired. The trail now becomes difficult to pass-through because is thinner and the sun starts becoming hotter. The path becomes dusty but fun to walk through and watch your shoes change color. You will start thinking of getting to the top even before you have not started. That why it is advisable you carry a bottle of water. You need to be strong hearted to finish this hike.
You can get a rest at the first peak. Then take the final journey to the top. Once you take a rest you can start walking around the crater which is fun but it takes time and patience. If you will decide to take the journey around the crater you will get a chance to get to the highest point. Five or six hours later you will have written a memory on your mind that you will not forget.

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