Best travel tips

Best travel tips

September 25, 2019 0 By admin

Are you first time on a business trip or this is your kind of routine, with my tips you can exponentially improve your life during the travel. Some people are travelling on behalf of the company while others are travelling for their own business, either way, it’s still a business trip so consider the following tips:

  1. Register for frequent flyer programs:- This can give you great packages so I would encourage you to sign up for a few, all major travel companies offer reward programs that allow you to earn points based on usage this includes hotels, flights, corporate cars etc with accumulation of points you can start to redeem them for free trips, hotel stays or car rentals. 
  2. Direct flights:- you may want to have a say on the type of flight that your company chooses for you, Direct flights give you an easy time because you don’t have to have extended days so where possible book direct flights to improve your travel efficiency.
  3. Do not change the booked airline, hotel and the rental car :- you may be tempted to try several options especially if you travel in a country that has several options, of course the company provided package may be limited so you may want to change a few things like go to a high-end hotel, please don’t do that because this means more energy and time to organise for all that while else you had been organised fo. Another reason is sticking to what was provided by the company will allow you to build loyalty and earn points and you may later qualify for upgraded and other perks that will make your business trip much smoother. 
  4. Stay hydrated:- If you are on a longer journey, it is important to know that low-cabin humidity can cause dry eyes, nose and throat, therefore, drink plenty of water and maybe you can supplement with fruit juice, I will not advise the use of alcohol, tea and coffee if you have to take then limit to the minimum because they can increase dehydration. You can also carry a moisturiser and a lip balm to keep your skin moisturised. 
  5. Choose a comfortable seat:- You can use SeatGuru to pick the best seat on the plane, this is because choosing the best seat can greatly improve your travel experience, like avoid middle seat or a seat next to the lavatory. 
  6. Pack light:- Overpacking is tempting but usually, you end up carrying what you may not need, why not leave some extra space may be to carry a few things from the place of visit. Packing light is more of a mindset because you have to be ruthless about deciding to place something in your bag, only pack the essentials. Example, you can reuse a pair of jeans to skip extra pairs
  7. Get a good suitcase and a backpack:- For many years I have been using the 2 wheeled suitcases and I did not know better I later saw people at the airport with 4 wheel suitcase then I figured out that it couldn’t be that much better. After I switched to 4 wheel suitcase I can never go back. A good backpack is very helpful because you can carry items that you frequently use e.g laptops, chargers etc easily, plus you can place the backpack at the top of your suitcase with less strain on the body. 
  8. Roll your clothes to minimize wrinkling and be able to fit easily in the suitcase:- This tip is very important, you will be busy with work so you don’t want to waste a lot of energy doing some other chores like ironing, also pack your clothes in a set (e.g socks, pants, undershirt etc) then layer it in your suitcase for easy daily access. You may also want to unpack your clothes and use the dresser, this is an only good idea if you staying for more than a week, you can also pack the clothes by day this can save a little time on deciding on what to wear. Another important tip to create some space you can wear your suit jacket on the plane instead of packing it( even you are on jean, trust me you will still look good).

Enjoy the travel! 

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