Month: January 2021

10 Things You Need to Observe When You Visit Egypt

Egypt is one of the best world History heritage places you expect to meet many things. There are few things you should know before visiting Egypt. Egypt is most known because of its famous landmarks that are historical to the world. It is one of the countries that attracts millions of tourists. Egypt has famous places like fascinating museums, temples, ancient tombs, and pyramids. When you visit the place, you will have a memory you…

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Tips for traveling during pandemic

This pandemic is making us stay indoors which is tiresome and not relaxing at all. Everyone is being advised not to travel unless it is an emergency or when it is very necessary. The pandemic which has paused the world activities seems to continue to 2021. Many flights are resuming or are trying to bring back the business though under very careful measures. Even with the vaccine, the pandemic is far from over and we…

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The world top 10 culture shock

Travelling is one of the greatest world treasures you may have in this world. The world is full of diverse cultures, and some come with a price. There are traditions and cultures that you will find close to yours while others you may find them so contradicting. The greatest reward of traveling globally is getting a chance to interact with these cultures. This is always a chance to interact with people and get to learn…

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